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New Director Appointed at OCBHJI

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) has appointed a new director to lead the Oregon Center on Behavioral Health and Justice Integration (OCBHJI).

Michelle Brandsma was promoted into this role after serving as GOBHI’s Substance use Disorders and Trauma Informed Care Manager. Michelle’s career track also includes working with the corrections system and collaborating with key stakeholders in corrections and behavioral health.

“We are delighted to announce that Michelle is bringing her proven skills in leadership, collaboration, and systems improvements to the Center,” said Ari Basil-Wagner, Chief Operating Officer at GOBHI. “Michelle’s wide range of professional experiences, and educational background, will enhance the Center’s remarkable work in Oregon’s counties.”

About Michelle:

Michelle Brandsma, PhD (a.b.d.), MS, CADC III, MAC, QMHP, has a 21-year history of working in the field of substance use disorders.

Prior to employment at GOBHI, Michelle spent 15 years working with incarcerated men as a Program Director of in-prison substance use disorder programs in both Oregon and California. Michelle began her career with corrections in 2002 by working for Deschutes County Juvenile Justice Center. She has worked closely with Parole and Probation, Drug Courts, and adult corrections.

Michelle is a level 3 Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC III) with certification through MHACBO, a Master Level Counselor certified with NAADAC (MAC), Masters in Psychology (MS) and working on completing her dissertation for her PhD in addiction psychology. Her passion is to be a part of ensuring that the gap between behavioral health, law enforcement and corrections is filled with supportive services.


GOBHI was founded in 1994; it is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation that is charged with administering the behavioral health Medicaid benefit, non-emergent medical transportation and community engagement in 12 rural and frontier counties in Oregon. GOBHI is co-owner of Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization, along with Moda health, and also provides various direct services statewide.

The Oregon Center on Behavioral Health and Justice Integration (OCBHJI) is a specialized division of GOBHI. Started in 2017, it is a statewide program in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority to provide specialized training and technical assistance for behavioral health and justice partners to enhance knowledge and improve practices aimed at treating people who, primarily due to symptoms of serious behavioral health conditions neurocognitive conditions, and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities, are at risk of becoming incarcerated or are already within the system.



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