Resources By Points of Diversion Opportunity

Intercept 0: Community Services
Intercept 1: Law Enforcement and Emergency Services
Intercept 2: Initial Detention/Arraignments
Intercept 3: Jails/ Courts
Intercept 4: Reentry
Intercept 5: Community Corrections/Community Support
Other Resources
State Resources

Oregon Knowledge Bank

The Oregon Knowledge Bank (OKB) is a resource for and created by the public safety community in Oregon. The OKB focuses on Oregon: its innovative policing, corrections, and community supervision programs; research conducted on criminal justice initiatives here; and public safety agency profiles.

Additional Web Sites

Center for Mental Health Services
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Council of State Governments Justice Center
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Center for Cultural Competence
National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
National Center for Trauma Informed Care
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Institute of Corrections
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute of Mental Health
Office of Justice Programs
Partners for Recovery
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services