• The Oregon Center on Behavioral Health and Justice helps jurisdictions across the state implement and improve systemic and programmatic efforts that successfully divert individuals with serious behavioral health needs from entering various points within the justice system including avoidance of arrest entirely.
  • The Center will use a dedicated Web site and 1-800 number to provide information to interested parties about our activities and special events.
  • The Center provides information, facilitation, training and technical assistance for anyone working in Oregon’s behavioral health and justice systems including interdisciplinary groups, teams, and individuals with an emphasis on working with and through Local Public Safety Coordinating Councils (LPSCC).
  • The Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) provides the organizing framework for information and activities associated with the Center.
  • As the organization responsible for carrying out the activities of the Center, GOBHI is committed to building strong partnerships between all components of the local justice system, local county officials/leadership, community mental health programs (CMHPs), CCOs, people with lived experience/in recovery/consumers, and service providers.